Pregnancy Q & A

When should I see a doctor if I am pregnant?

The ideal time to see your OB/GYN is before you get pregnant for preconception counseling. This allows your provider to evaluate your health, conduct preventive screenings, and pinpoint any abnormalities that may affect your pregnancy.

Of course, if you’re already pregnant, you’re going to be visiting with your dedicated OB/GYN regularly and can determine the sex of your baby as early as 9 weeks with the MaterniT 21 test. As long as you’re having a normal pregnancy and you’re generally healthy, you typically need a prenatal exam:

  • Monthly through week 20
  • Every three weeks in weeks 20-26
  • Every two weeks in weeks 26-35
  • Weekly from week 35 until delivery

However, if you’re having a high-risk pregnancy like if you have gestational diabetes, are pregnant with multiples, or are at an advanced maternal age (35 or over), your OB/GYN is likely going to want you to check in more regularly.

What happens during a prenatal exam?

Advanced Obstetrics & Gynecology is dedicated to providing comprehensive and compassionate obstetrics care throughout every step of your path to motherhood. During your prenatal exam, your OB/GYN may:

  • Check your weight
  • Take your blood pressure
  • Check the fetal heart rate
  • Perform a 3D or 4D ultrasound
  • Measure your belly (fundal height)
  • Draw blood or gather a urine sample

As you progress throughout your pregnancy, your dedicated OB/GYN starts talking with you about your birth plan. They help prepare you for the miracle of childbirth and educate you about any special care you may need, such as a Cesarean section (C-section).

Why do I need special screenings if I am pregnant?

In addition to your routine prenatal care, your OB/GYN at Advanced Obstetrics & Gynecology could recommend additional screenings. For instance, you may benefit from genetic testing to:

  • Find out if there’s a risk of passing a disease to your baby
  • Determine if your baby has a genetic defect
  • Screen your growing baby

Knowing this information can help you prepare for the special care you or your little one may need after birth.

Your provider at Advanced Obstetrics & Gynecology may also recommend special screenings to evaluate your baby’s health if you have pregnancy-related complications, such as preeclampsia or gestational diabetes.

The compassionate team at Advanced Obstetrics & Gynecology provides personalized care throughout every stage of your pregnancy. Book your prenatal exam online or over the phone.