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In-Office Procedures

Advanced Obstetrics & Gynecology

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Many gynecologic procedures can be performed right in the office with your dedicated OB/GYN, so you can get all of the medical care you need under one roof. With a team of board-certified OB/GYNs and caring medical professionals available at Advanced Obstetrics & Gynecology, you can undergo several types of in-office procedures, including endometrial biopsies and colposcopies. Find out more by booking your exam online with this New Albany, Mississippi-based practice today. You can also call to schedule an evaluation over the phone.

In-Office Procedures Q & A

Which type of in-office procedure do I need?

Because of advancements in medical technology and equipment, you can now undergo many types of gynecologic procedures right in the comfort of your doctor’s office. 

You may need an in-office procedure for diagnostic biopsy testing, to get to the root of your symptoms, or to help with your fertility (to name a few).

Below are short descriptions of some of the most common in-office procedures offered at Advanced Obstetrics & Gynecology.

Diagnostic hysteroscopy

A diagnostic hysteroscopy is commonly performed to diagnose the cause of abnormal bleeding, infertility, or severe pelvic pain.

This in-office procedure involves inserting a thin, lighted tube — the hysteroscope — into your vagina. Your OB/GYN can get a closer look at suspicious cells or growth and, if needed, insert surgical tools through the hysteroscope to gather tissue samples for a biopsy.


A sonohysterogram is necessary to evaluate your uterus if you have abnormal bleeding, pelvic pain, or infertility issues. This in-office procedure involves inserting a thin tube into your cervix through your vagina and sending fluid into your uterus. 

Because your uterus enlarges slightly, your OB/GYN can more clearly see the lining of your uterus, as well as the flow of fluid in your fallopian tubes, during an ultrasound.

Intrauterine insemination (IUI)

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) can help increase your chances of becoming pregnant. Using your partner’s sperm or donor sperm, your OB/GYN injects the sperm directly into your uterus by inserting a thin tube through your cervix. 

This helps sperm get closer to your fallopian tubes, so they have less distance to travel to reach your eggs.


Your OB/GYN may recommend a colposcopy if you have abnormal bleeding, polyps, or certain infections, to name a few. During a colposcopy, your OB/GYN places the colposcope, which is similar to a microscope, near the opening of your vagina.

The colposcope magnifies the cells of your cervix and vagina. If your OB/GYN sees any suspicious cells, they can take a biopsy on the spot. 

Endometrial biopsy

You may need an endometrial biopsy if you experience heavy bleeding, no bleeding, or bleeding after menopause. This in-office procedure involves taking a small tissue sample of your endometrium — the lining of your uterus. 

Your OB/GYN uses a catheter and inserts it into your cervix. Because the catheter has a small tube inside of it, when they move the tube out, it creates suction, which pulls the essential cells for your biopsy. 

Are in-office procedures painful?

Some of the in-office procedures offered at Advanced Obstetrics & Gynecology lead to minor cramping that’s often described as being like menstrual cramps. 

If your OB/GYN needs to take any tissue samples for biopsy, they numb the area with a topical solution, so you shouldn’t feel any severe discomfort. 

How do I prepare for an in-office procedure?

The team at Advanced Obstetrics & Gynecology ensures you receive the education you need about your upcoming in-office procedure. Most of the procedures need to be performed while you’re not on your period, so it’s important to know the first day of your most recent period.

While no downtime is needed for in-office procedures, you may experience some minor cramping or spotting afterward. Your OB/GYN may recommend taking an over-the-counter pain reliever and wearing a pad for a few days to help with these issues.

Book your in-office procedure evaluation at Advanced Obstetrics & Gynecology directly through the website or call to speak with a team member directly.